Engineers Are Not Wizards

Engineers Are Not Wizards

Reading through the RRECS Q&A I am struck by the lack of transparency. Some Examples:

The standard and calculations were specified by the Engineering Panel. It will not change.
Yes. The Engineering Panel determined that only actual signed intersections or crosswalks are to be counted as a Traffic Control Point.
To account for these types of delays, the Engineering Panel built in an additional 3.41% allowance to the driving times.
Standards were established by the panel based on many observations and application of recognized engineering principals
No, it is a standard established by the Engineering Panel based on averages.

Engineers are Not wizards.

A poorly drawn wizard image

These standards were NOT conjured out of thin air.
They must be based off of collected data, statistics, measurements, i.e. actual engineering!

Don't just say "the engineers did it."

Please, show us their work!


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