Site Launch!

Official Launch

I'm calling the 86ppm site and Find Your Rate game launched!

There are still rough edges to smooth and small features to add, but the site and game are usable in their current state. And I think they convey the desired message.

If you have trouble with the site or game, please email Of course any emails are welcome, but a few particular things of interest:

  • Is the image too small on your hardware?
  • Do the swipe controls work smoothly?
  • Can you turn off the sound with your device's controls?

If you want a peak behind the curtain, here is some development info.

Consists of 3 major parts:

  1. Letter image generator written in Go using the Go Graphics Library
    • ~2500 lines of code.
  2. Find Your Rate game written in javascript using phaser.js
    • ~1100 lines of code.
  3. Website using the Pelican site generator.
    • ~500 lines of text.

A rough timeline:

  • Started in earnest early March 2022
  • Letter generator prototype 4 April
  • Website prototype 6 April
  • Game prototype 10 April
  • Whole beta 18 April
  • 'Official' launch 21 April

Thanks for stopping by!


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